Friday, June 21, 2013

I Graduated...

I finally graduated from high school, now I'm transitioning myself to become a UCONN student in the fall ^_^ I'm now a college student :) I'm now dedicated to do good so I can get a job in the future ^_^

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking in the past...But having a bright present...

I'm looking into my past I'm trying to remember everything that happened in my life the good and the bad times. I want to remember everything but I can't. I keep having dreams that I don't like. Why is looking in the past so difficult.  (-_-) I know now that I have 2 best friends that will always protect me. I love my life now then it was before. I will try to always push away the bad memories and fill them with happy memories. I will keep moving forward for a bright future. ^_^ I will keep fighting on. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New Me...

So I decided to become a new me. I hated myself because I am too self conscious. So I decided to make a new life goal, I want to lose at least 30 lbs and I'm taking care of my body and skin. Even though a new years resolution is long gone for me today is my new years resolution. I won't care what people think of me, I'm doing this to me, a shy, self conscious girl happy. ^_^

Does anyone have a problem with stress or emotional problems do not hesitate to talk to me I will listen to you :3 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today was a new day...

So today at school it was same old same old. I got complimented on my haircut but I think they were making fun of me so like usual I plugged in my headphones and I listened to music to block out the world. I was really happy that my guy friend considers me as an actual friend. I was happy because I thought we would be more like acquaintances more than friends even though I knew him since I was 11 years old. Today was an okay day no one messed with me and I stayed strong.

I'll keep you guys in tune the next time I'm on. Peace ^_^

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About Me...

I'm a girl who is like any other girl. I'm sweet, sensitive, and unique. I love to draw and sing. I especially love to write stories. I have a happy life style, but sometimes it can be a little hectic. I scream and shout when I get angry but who doesn't. I can be a little tempered headed but I can control myself. I love looking out the window and see the world. I'm somewhat of a nature girl but I'm also geek when it comes to math and science. I'm a different person when I'm with people I know. I'm very into different cultures. I love to watch anime, Korean or Japanese dramas, and I love to listen to different bands either from Korea, Japan, or even Bollywood. I'm very open once you get to know me. I may be shy but I want to get out of my shell and discover a whole new world. 

This it for now I'll be posting soon. See you guys then.